2021 Grant Updates

In an ongoing effort to make the application process more straightforward and streamlined for all residents of Haida Gwaii we have a few updates to share.

All applications may now be accessed through the grant management system. You’ll find a link to the application on each grant page. Be sure to also review the updated 2021 application guides located on each grant page for up-to-date deadlines and grant criteria.

The Winter Holidays and Community Events grants have been combined into one grant, the Community and Holiday Events grant. The grant provides up to $16,000 annually to each Gwaii Trust Community for public events. The purpose of the grant is to help support open and accessible community events for the residents of Haida Gwaii.

There has also been a standardization of equity this year, including an equity reduction for nonprofits from 50% to 25% for the Community Innovation grant.

Update on 2021 Equity Requirements

Individual Residents: 25%
Local non-profit organizations: 25%
Governments: 50%

Quick Reference Guides

2021 Program Budget

2021 Application Deadlines

2021 Grant Overview

For more information on any of our grants, visit their page for details.