Constitution & Bylaws

The By-laws are the governing document of the Board.


The meeting minutes on this site are for convenience purposes only and may not represent the most current version. Therefore, they are not considered the official copy nor should they be considered a legal representation of the official copy. If you require a copy of the official version of one of these documents, please contact your local Gwaii Trust office.



Financial Statements
Fund Performance Reports

Gwaii Trust Society average rate of return:

  • 1996 to Dec 2017:  8.9%
  • Last 10 years:  7.7% 
  • CPI average since 1995:  1.85%
GTS Investment Fund chart

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures

The Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (usually referred to as SIPP) assists the Gwaii Trust Board of Directors in establishing the investment procedures and guidelines for the investment of Gwaii Trust’s assets, and in monitoring and evaluating the investment performance achieved on such assets.