Chair Appointment: Huux̲, Percy Crosby

Please join us as we welcome our new Chair, Huux̲ (Percy Crosby).
Huux̲ is a member of the Naa ‘Yuuwans Xaaydaga Skidegate Gidans. He brings a wealth of leadership experience to his position as board chair. He has worked for more than two decades in the forestry sector holding different roles including his current position as a First Nations Advisor for the Ministry of Forests. In this role, he holds a strategic position addressing forestry issues with the Haida Nation.
Huux̲ has served on various boards over the years including the Haida Gwaii Management Council, Coast Funds (as board chair), Community Futures, Gwaii Trust , and has also chaired committees within the Council of the Haida Nation over his three-year term as an elected official.
Through his work and volunteer experience, Huux̲ has developed positive working relationships, has strong conflict resolution skills, and can facilitate constructive dialogue making him a welcome addition to the Gwaii Trust board.