Director Spotlight: Billy Yovanovich, Skidegate Band Council

Vice-chair and Director, Skidegate Band Council,
Billy Yovanovich.

This monthly update introduces you to our dedicated directors and alternates who work diligently to deliver our mission and vision for the benefit of all residents of Haida Gwaii.

Director: Billy Yovanovich

Participating Community: Skidegate Band Council

Year Joined: 2017

Committees: Executive, Economic Development

Can you share some of your background and experience that relates to your work on the Gwaii Trust Board?

This past year and a bit of COVID has been very challenging for everyone. There has been significant progress with immunization and things will begin to open up again soon. As challenging as it has been, I hope people can hang in there just a little bit longer so we all can move forward together.

I have lived on Haida Gwaii for all my life to date. I went to Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School and have worked in several different fields, the latest being with the Skidegate Band council (11 years), and Gwaii Trust (4 years).

All 4 of my siblings still reside on Haida Gwaii as well. My beautiful daughter Ashlee lives on Vancouver Island. In my free time I enjoy fishing, hiking and recently gardening. 

Stay well and stay safe all.   


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