Director Spotlight: Laurie Chisholm, Area E (Moresby Island)

This monthly update introduces you to our dedicated directors and alternates who work diligently to deliver our mission and vision for the benefit of all residents of Haida Gwaii.

Laurie Chisholm, Gwaii Trust Director for Area E (Moresby Island)

Director: Laurie Chisholm

Participating Community: Area E (Moresby Island)

Year Joined: 2019-present, Director; 2016-2019, Alternate

Committees: Economic Development, Wellness, Haida Gwaii Community Foundation Steering Committee, Athlii Gwaii Legacy Trust

About: Born in Nova Scotia, raised in Yellowknife and Vancouver Island by mother (teacher) and father (carpenter) until the age of 5 at which time we drove across Canada in a half ton to settle in Cape Breton. My mother’s last year of teaching in a teacher’s exchange program led her to Haida Gwaii where she immediately called to offer a visit and rest from work. 25 years, two children and marriage later (Robert Chisholm), Haida Gwaii is home. 

Please share some of your background and experience as it relates to your work on the Gwaii Trust Board:

Optimistic by nature, life lessons have shown me the view on the mountains is only enhanced and appreciated more by time in the valleys. Life here is not always easy, and there were years we depended on Xmas Hampers for our young family but there were other years we were able to share our bounty with other community members.

Warren Foster courted my interest in community affairs, and I joined GT as his Alternate in 2016. He shared his knowledge, passion and history for Gwaii Trust for which I am grateful.  I want all communities to have equal opportunity and participate in the bounty Gwaii Trust offers.  

All residents can benefit from this amazing fund for years to come, and I’m interested to continue my role in ensuring easy access and programing for all islanders. The ingenuity and talent on our islands is extensive and I really enjoy seeing people achieve their desires and dreams through Gwaii Trust.

Experience: I have served on various boards over the years, including Haida Gwaii Rec, Literacy Haida Gwaii, and School District 50 Parents Advisory Council. Throughout my career I’ve also had many exciting employment opportunities, including in tourism on our family animal and trout farms, as an EMT, with the Co-op food store and feed & hardware store, as a garage manager, as a supervisor at a shelter and detox centre, and as a manager in training and business expansion with Tim Hortons. Since 2009 I’ve worked for the Hecate Strait Employment Development Society, most recently as a WorkBC manager.


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