Feed the People food bank, supporting food security on Haida Gwaii

The Feed the People Food Bank serves HlGaagilda Skidegate, Daajing Giids, K’il Kun Sandspit, Tll.aal (Tlell), and surrounding communities. Run by Bonnie & Shani (right) from the Islands Wellness Society, along with two volunteers, Doodie & Bree, their mission is to assist individuals and families in meeting their basic food needs and achieving food security. Their monthly food bank distribution list includes 350 individuals on average, as well as emergency food boxes upon request.  

In support of food access for the residents of Haida Gwaii, Gwaii Trust offers two grants: the Food Security grant, which provides stable, annual funding to organizations that support access to food for the residents of Haida Gwaii; and the Food Sovereignty grant for smaller projects that contribute to improving sustainable local food production, harvesting, and distribution. In 2022 Gwaii Trust funded ten grants, including the School District 50 School Food Program, for a total of $327,020.

For more information on any of our grants, visit gwaiitrust.com/grants.