Travel Assistance Grant: Canadian Down Syndrome Society Conference

Report prepared by Sherri Burton, Alfred Adams, and Atticus Burton-Adams

The three of us have made this type of travel for Atticus in a concerted effort to ensure that Atticus has real exposure to the Down Syndrome community that exists. Atticus is aware of the Down Syndrome community and he has made friends and even one that keeps in touch with him. It is more important than I can say – Haw’aa for helping make this for happen for Atticus. 

As a parent this conference was helpful for maintaining connections with other families and learning about his teenage years and the next stages of life for Atticus and how to help him and us prepare for all these changes. 

As a teacher this conference was amazing in the connection it made to Shelley Moore and her important ideas on the evolution of ‘inclusion’ and how it is more important than ever to make inclusion meaningful for all of us. I recommend that everyone look up Five Moore Minutes online with Shelley Moore.  

We learned how much work there is still to do to make inclusion work in the Canada. We have learned about Glenora Farm on Vancouver Island – it is a community for children and adults with special needs. It was good hear about how the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways has been working with disabled people as part of their inclusion to the workforce. 

His favourite part was spending time with his old and new friends. He liked playing boards games, dancing, canoeing, playing, doing art, and going to the swimming pool everyday. 

As a parent it was so wonderful to see him making real connections with his peers that have Down Syndrome.

Attending these gatherings for Down Syndrome has been so good for Atticus and for us as a family

Haw’aa so much for your help. It makes a huge difference to have the travel assistance help from Gwaii Trust.

Haw’aa, Haw’aa, Haw’aa (:


Sherri, Alfred and Atticus

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