SD50 – Identity Maps Project

School District 50's “Identity Maps” project, now on display at the Haida Gwaii Museum, is a great example of the kind of project we’re excited about supporting. “Identity Maps” involved two local artists working with 48 students at Sk’aadgaa Naay and Agnes L. Mathers elementary schools to explore ideas about mapping and “selfies”, learn techniques in photography and clay sculpture, and create a collaborative artwork to share with the public. ALM principal Vicki Ives described the project as “an artistic approach to researching and understanding our relationship to place by creating a clay high relief map of Haida Gwaii while exploring our identities through photography and portrait painting,” as well as a tribute to the late artist and educator Katie Borserio.

“Hunted to Danced” Traditional Deer Processing Series – Project #3: Regalia Making

As a member of the Gwaii Trust Arts Committee it is always satisfying to support a project that is successfully completed. Even more so for a project that includes all the island communities, and imparts traditional knowledge to a younger generation.

Led by Erika Stocker, the "Hunted to Danced" regalia making project presented its final element at the Kay Performance House on Wednesday, May 9th.

During this project youth were taught how to tan deer hides with traditional methods. The finished hides were cut and sewn into regalia, and adorned with Haida designs.