School District Grants

A strategic priority at Gwaii Trust is supporting healthy and active youth on Haida Gwaii. In support of this goal, we provide annual grants to School District 50 to help students access healthy foods, to enhance educational experiences, and to recognize youth leadership.  Download a copy of our grant guide here.

Who can apply?
  • School District 50
  • Organizations with overdue grant reporting where an extension has not been approved are not eligible to apply until reporting is complete.
How much money is available?
  • See individual grants below.
Application deadline
  • Applications must be received by 11:59pm on June 30. 
High School Bursary

High School bursaries are available to each graduating student from Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa Naay and GidGalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary Schools on Haida Gwaii. Based on the criteria developed by each High School Scholarship Committee (consisting of a Gwaii Trust representative, principal, parents, and teachers), students are eligible to apply through their high school for a bursary that ranges from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $3,000. For details on the program, contact Carla Lutner by email ( 

Youth Leadership Award

In 2013, the Gwaii Trust Youth Board created the Youth Leadership Awards. Each year the Trust awards $1,000 ($500 each) to two deserving students for their outstanding leadership within their school or community. Previous recipients have exhibited a high spirit of volunteerism, actively drawing peers together and mentoring others. The winning applicants (one from each high school) will be awarded a bursary of $500 to go towards the student’s choice of post-secondary institution. This award is open to all local grade 12 students. Contact your local high school for details. 

School Food

The School Food Grant’s primary focus is to make nutritious and culturally appropriate food more accessible to students. This program is funded through the Food Security Budget and is administered by School District 50. This grant provides funding for food programs for each school on Haida Gwaii. For details on how the funding is allocated, contact the School Board office. For details on the program, contact Latasha Williams by email (

Field Trip Fund

The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors recognizes that travel costs can be a barrier to students’ participation in sporting, cultural and educational activities. The Field Trip fund provides direct funding to School District 50 to assist in offsetting travel costs for school teams, classes, and clubs to participate in Field Trips. For details of the grant review our grant guide, or contact Carla Lutner by email ( 

Post-Secondary Institution Tours

The Post-Secondary Institution Tours Grant assists local high school students experience off-island post-secondary institutions prior to graduating. The Gwaii Trust has approved $43,000 in 2024 for this grant to assist in travel costs for grade 10, 11 and 12 students to travel to post-secondary institutions to help familiarize themselves with college and university lifestyle and academic requirements once they graduate. For details on the grant, contact Carla Lutner by email (