Islands Governance Project Receives a Boost

The Haida Gwaii All-Islands Protocol Table will be tackling the issue of an all-island governance structure in 2020 with help from a new $100,000 grant stream. The grant will allow the Protocol Table – which represents all the communities of Haida Gwaii – to hire administrative and operation support, allowing it to coordinate regular meetings, maintain records, and implement the Haida Gwaii Protocol Agreements, signed between the Council of the Haida Nation and the islands communities.

The Gwaii Trust has been promoting the concept of the islands as one community since it was formed. More recently, at the 2014 Gwaii Trust Economic Development Forum, discussions identified the need for an all-island unifying body and governance system. Our latest business plan supports the development of an island governance structure by 2022.

“Islands governance has consistently been identified as a top priority for Haida Gwaii’s residents and governments in overcoming the multitude of challenges we face as the Islands Community,” the Protocol Table wrote on its application letter to the Gwaii Trust. “Establishing a robust all-islands governance body is central to achieving the goals of ensuring healthy environments, individuals, communities and economies on Haida Gwaii.”