Meet Your Director – Xyallaga Daaguuyah Desi Collinson, Alternate for CHN Skidegate

Join us as we welcome Xyallaga Daaguuyah Desi Collinson as the new Gwaii Trust alternate director representing the Council of the Haida Nation, HlG̱aagilda Skidegate. 

Desi is currently serving his second term as an elected CHN representative. Since 2018 he has contributed to numerous committees, including communications, tourism, energy, heritage and natural resources, fisheries, youth-related initiatives, and administration. 

He has been the youth recreation coordinator for HlG̱aagilda for over 15 years and is also a key member of HlG̱aagilda’s championship basketball team, helping to bring home the All-Native Basketball Tournament championship 15 times.


A big Haw’aa / Haawa to outgoing director, Gaagwiis Jason Alsop. Gaagwiis has been a member of the Gwaii Trust board since 2013, serving as both director and alternate representing CHN Skidegate. He was a member of the Executive committee representing the Haida Caucus and has served on numerous other committees throughout his tenure.


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