Staycation Grant Re-opens

We’re pleased to announce that the State of Emergency has been updated by the Council of the Haida Nation to allow travel between communities, allowing us to re-open the Staycation Grant effective immediately.

Haida Gwaii Staycation Grant

The Haida Gwaii Staycation Grant provides financial assistance for Haida Gwaii residents to explore the adventure opportunities we have in our backyard and support open Haida Gwaii tourism businesses.

Who can apply?

Individual residences. For the purposes of this grant, residents are defined as individuals who have lived on Haida Gwaii for the past 12 consecutive months. An individual who has left Haida Gwaii to attend school, to seek medical treatment or for a vacation but otherwise maintains their residency is considered a resident.

How much money is available?

Up to $250.

For more information and to apply online visit the Staycation Grant page.