Update to Gwaii Trust Arts Committee Structure

Over the last several months, following a recommendation that came out of governance training, the Gwaii Trust Society Board of Directors has been conducting a review of their committee structure. The committees were reviewed to ensure good governance, best use of resources and alignment with the strategic priorities of the Board. Following a Board meeting on May 25th, 2019 the numbers of committees were reduced from eleven to six. This was done by consolidating, dissolving and restructuring a number of committees. 

Of note, the Arts Committee was dissolved and decision-making for Arts grants has been returned directly to the Board. The Gwaii Trust Board of Directors would like to thank Arts Committee members for their many years of service to the Society and the community, and for their commitment to supporting the Arts on Haida Gwaii.

Please Note:

Gwaii Trust Grants have not been impacted by any of these changes.

For more information on our grants and to apply online please visit the grants page at gwaiitrust.com/grants.