Volunteer Profile: Huux̲ Percy Crosby, G̲aaG̲agaay Skidegate Men’s Group

Name: Huux̱, Percy Crosby
Volunteer Role: Group Leader, G̲aaG̲agaay Skidegate Men’s Group
Length of time: 5 years

Why G̲aaG̲agaay?
“I am a true believer that when someone who is suffering is given the chance to know that there are people who care and are willing to listen, this can lead to big strides in individual and community healing.”

Gwaii Trust Chair, Percy Crosby (Huux̱), has been the G̲aaG̲agaay Skidegate men’s group leader since its first meeting in March of 2017. 

The group is a safe space for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous men of all ages who suffer, or have suffered, from addiction and trauma, to share information and support one another.

They also host special activities that provide an opportunity for men to connect in nature as they progress on their healing journeys. This includes visits to Gwaii Haanas to see abandoned villages and to enjoy the hotsprings, as well as fishing with sports fisherman four times a year.

Youth are another important part of the group, some attendees being as young as 12. The purpose is to create a safe space for young men to learn about important aspects of healing and self-regulation early on in their lives, and from a group of men of diverse ages and experience. 

Interested in learning more about G̲aaG̲agaay? Contact Percy at 250 637 1944

Upcoming Event:
On October 12th the group will be hosting a talk by Jordin Tootoo about suicide prevention among First Nation communities. The event, held at the Skidegate community hall, will begin with a meet & greet at 6pm, followed by the keynote at 7pm, and is open to men of all ages.