Decommitted Grants

A decommitted grant refers to a situation in which a grant that was initially awarded to an organization or individual is later revoked or withdrawn by Gwaii Trust. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including failure to meet the grant’s terms and conditions, changes in the organization’s circumstances, or non-compliance with reporting requirements.

When a grant is decommitted, it means that the funds or resources that were initially allocated for the grant are no longer available to the recipient. 

In the case that your grant is decommitted, you may be required to return any project advances received or return any funds that were disbursed but not utilized according to the grant’s intended purpose.

Grant Decommit Process

Grants outstanding in excess of one year (or two years for Major Contributions grants), where no contact has been made with Gwaii Trust regarding a deadline extension, are at risk of being decommitted. 

Gwaii Trust staff run a decommitment process at least once per year. 

When grantees receive a decommit notice, they are provided with 3 options:

  1. Submit final claim and reporting
    If you have completed some or all the project activities, please submit your Claim and Final Evaluation Follow Up forms in the grant management system. 
  2. Close grant voluntarily
    If you haven’t started your project and no longer intent to complete it, you can choose to voluntarily close the grant. If you have received an advance for your project this will need to be returned to Gwaii Trust. This will keep you in good standing and allow you to continue to apply for funding. Failing to return advanced funds will limit your ability to apply for future funding.
  3. Request an extension for additional time to complete
    – If your project is in progress and you need more time to complete it, you will need to submit an extension request. Please contact your Project Officer to have this Follow Up form assigned to you in our grant management system. 
    – In some cases, grantees will not have the option to request an extension. 

If you have received a decommit notice and don’t reach out to Gwaii Trust staff by the deadline to discuss your project, your project will be closed, and any advances received will need to be returned. Failing to return advanced funds will limit your ability to apply for future funding.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please contact your Project Officer.